VICTORY: Protecting Ohio’s Constitution

In today’s show, Mark is on the ground with multiple guests outside of the Ohio State House during the vote on SJR-2. In short, this resolution would require a 60% vote instead of a simple majority to approve any constitutional amendment.


If you are a current listener of the show, you will know that we have been speaking out and actively trying to stop the Ohio Constitutional Amendment that is coming down the pipeline in November, allowing abortions up to birth, as well as gender reassignment surgeries for children. While the passing of SHR-2 only authorizes a special election in August to raise the threshold to 60% to amend the Ohio Constitution, if passed, it increases the chance of failure of the abortion amendment in November.

We want to protect the lives of unborn children, whether that is changing the minds of students on campus, or enacting legislation in government.


You can see the resolution here:


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