Your Local Pharmacy Is Becoming an Abortion Business – Eric Scheidler

On Saturday, February 4, 2023, pro-lifers are conducting a nationwide protest at CVS and Walgreen pharmacies for their intention to begin dispensing abortion pills.

Are these protests a good idea? Will they succeed in stopping the expansion of abortion? Will the pro-life movement have the commitment to pressure these corporations over the long run?

The fact is boycotts and protests against corporations are about endurance. These campaigns are also about modulating conflict and leveraging resources. We need to be wise as serpents.

In the recent past, Created Equal was successful for a time in achieving a positive outcome against Stericycle with our Project Weak Link campaign. But Stericycle waited us out and interest in the pressure campaign waned amongst our pro-life troops. Unfortunately, Stericycle still hauls away dead corpses of unborn babies.

Large companies are hardened targets and difficult to motivate because they are often willing to tolerate boycotts and protests until they affect their reputation and bottom line.

This campaign must be able to last over months and years using few resources. If that doesn’t happen – this effort will likely fail. Why? Because when pro-life advocates don’t see results (a pharmacy refusing to sell the abortion pill) human nature sets in and they go home.

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