Modern Day Child Sacrifice – Guest: Laura Klassen | The Mark Harrington Show | 5-4-21

Many Christians only consider abortion as a political, or educational issue. However, abortion is a spiritual battle.

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Created Equal has been increasingly harassed by abortion advocates who overtly identify as Satanists. And those who love death (abortion advocates) are often quick to embrace Satanism’s tenants.

Satanists and abortion supporters both believe in “bodily autonomy.” For the Satanist, defending abortion access is a worthy form of worship because one of their tenant’s states, “one’s body is inviolable, subject to one’s own will.” The satanic doctrine of absolute autonomy over one’s own destiny has become the pro-abortion rallying cry of “My body, my choice.”

In the fall of 2019, Created Equal Films released a short documentary exposing the troubling link between Satanism and abortion.

• You can view the video here:

Today, on The Mark Harrington Show, Mark will speak Laura Klassen of Choice 42 about the connection between child sacrifice and abortion. Also, she discusses how there are no laws against abortion in Canada.

CHOICE42 encourages women to be fully educated about their options and to realize that though it is their choice, they are making a choice for two.

Laura released a video, “Modern Child Sacrifice.” You can view her video here:

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