Standing Up to the Lions – Ray Comfort

Why are Christians hesitant to speak the truth today? Fear has paralyzed the church and rendered the average Christian ineffective. We are called to stand firm in the face of adversity and preach the gospel to the masses.

On this rerun episode, Mark is joined by Ray Comfort from Living Waters to discuss his book, “So Many Lions, and So Few Daniels,” which guides readers in facing challenges fearlessly and trusting in God’s guidance. Get Ray’s book here:

Additionally, Mark asks Ray about Living Waters’ recent movie, “What Is It?”, which addresses the issue of abortion. Find out more:

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Mark Harrington (00:00):

Why are so many Christians so timid in sharing the gospel with their friends and neighbors? Why should we as Christians be fearless in our evangelism and outreach? We’ll talk about it today on the program with my guest, Ray Comfort. Also, I’ll be addressing the comments of President Trump on abortion. And finally, I’ll give you a wrap up of our trip to New York College campuses.


Welcome everybody to Activist Radio here on the Mark Harrington show, and you can pick up the program on all the popular podcasting platforms as well as you can follow me on all the social media sites, Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, and all the rest. We appreciate you being on the program, and today I have as my guest, Ray Comfort. And Ray is an apologist speaker and author of over 100 books. Everybody that listens to my program knows Ray, he’s been on our show before. He’s also the co-host of the TV program, way of the Master and Ray’s got a new book out. We’re going to be talking about that plus this new video called What is It has to deal with the pro-life issue. And Ray is also going to be leading a team to London, England to do evangelism. So we’ve got a lot to cover today. Ray, thanks for being on the show.

Ray Comfort (01:31):

It’s a joy to be here. Thank you.

Mark Harrington (01:34):

So Ray, I was interested in first talking about the new book. It’s entitled So Many Lions, so Few Daniels, and what you address in the book is why is it that Christians are so timid in evangelism, reaching out to non-believers with the gospel of Jesus Christ? I am intrigued by that because of course, I think if we look at the church, we look at what’s happening in North America for that matter, the western world, we see a decline in the influence of Christianity, and that has a lot to do with the fact that a lot of Christians are just not willing to go there. They don’t want to press the issue or spread the gospel. Why did you write this book? First of all, what was the point? What’s the purpose?

Ray Comfort (02:22):

Well, it was inspired by atheists. About a year ago I saw a T-shirt that said, too many Christians, not enough lions. And I thought, wow, that’s very culturally sensitive. That’s like saying too many Jews, not enough Nazi ovens, too many blacks, not enough lynching ropes. And I was mad. So I decided to write a book called So Many Lions, so few Daniels, because we need the boldness of a lion. We need men like Daniel who are men of faith, who will step up to the plate and say, look, we’re here for such a time as this. God’s given us weapons to use. We’re involved in a warfare that’s not a natural warfare. It’s a spiritual warfare, and we’ve just got to pick up those weapons and go running into battle because we’re talking about the salvation of the lost, nothing more precious than lives of human beings, and that’s what we’re called to seek and save.

Mark Harrington (03:12):

Amen. Well, we just got back from a university in Albany, New York where protestors almost up to a hundred of them were shouting us down and all of that stuff in our pro-life efforts. So we’re very accustomed to what’s going on in culture. Who are the lions that we’re facing in culture today? There’s

Ray Comfort (03:34):

The biggest lion is the fear of man. It’s what dwells with us. If we can deal with that, then we are sweet. But there are other ones. There’s atheism. Atheism has got to be the dumbest thing that’s ever been invented. It really is a modern phenomenon. There was not atheist like we see nowadays. Many years ago, the Bible only gives 11 words to atheists. It’s Psalm 14 verse one. The full is said in his heart, there’s no God. And then it reiterates, it repeats it in Psalm 53 in case we didn’t get the message. An atheist is a fool, someone who believes the scientific impossibility that nothing created everything that’s insane to believe that nothing made flowers and birds and trees, the sun, the moon, the stars, the Mars, the human eye, puppies and kittens, seasons, fruits, all these things were made by nothing. That’s what the atheist defaults to.


Rather than acknowledge God’s existence in our YouTube channel, you often see atheists suddenly become honest. I say to them, so you’re an atheist? He says, yeah, I don’t believe in God’s existence. And I say, can you be honest with me? He says, yeah, can you be really honest with me? Okay, this has got nothing to do with God and everything to do with the fact that you’re looking at pornography and having sex with your gorgeous girlfriend. Am I right? And you see his mouth suddenly go up at the edges and he can’t deny it. He says, yeah, you’re right. So everyone knows God exists. God’s given light to every man. The invisible things of him from the creation of the world are clearly seen being understood by the things that are made even as eternal power and Godhead so that they are without excuse. And so every single human being knows of God’s existence, but some deny him.


Think of the prodigal son. He ran away to a far country. Why didn’t he just stay and do he wanted to do under his father’s nose? Well, Jesus gives us a little insight through the words of his brother. He wanted to spend his money on prostitutes and he knew his father would frown on it. So we went to a far country. Atheism is a far country. That’s all it is. They want to get away from God. They’re like, Adam is hiding behind a bush because of his sin. What we’ve got to do is flush him out and say, Hey, you’ve got to face God on judgment day. This is not a laughing matter. This is not something that can be triable. This is your life we’re talking about. It’s not just who you’re going to marry or what you’re going to do for a job.


This is where you’re going to spend eternity. So the issues are great and we’ve got to overcome our fears of atheists being so-called intellectuals. They’re not, and you can deal with them by moving away from their intellect, which is the place of argument to their conscience, the knowledge of right and wrong. So on a YouTube channeling you off to see that happen and a contentious atheist suddenly becomes like a meek little kitten. Once you move to his conscience, he starts off as a roaring lion and then he goes to a meek little kitten because his conscience is being addressed as Jesus did. As we see in scripture,

Mark Harrington (06:28):

My guest is Ray Comfort. He’s an author, speaker and also the co-host of the TV program Way of the Master. There’s a new season coming out as well, coming soon. He’s also written a lot of books. Ray, I want to ask you this specifically. You see the transgender revolution I might refer to it as and how they are coming after Christians a lot of times on college campuses too. Speakers are being shouted down. There’s been violence and so forth. Do you see them as this group, if you will, as one of the lions that you speak about in your book?

Ray Comfort (07:08):

Yeah. Transgenders are revolting. They are revolting against that which is right, and it really is just a sign, one of the last days, but two of a nation losing the fear of God. You think back to the 1950s when America had a semblance of a fear of God and Billy Graham was preaching. People respected him. They had a belief in the 10 Commandments. Most people believe they have to face God on judgment day. And when a nation loses the fear of God, anything goes. Someone who fears God won’t lie to you, won’t steal from you, won’t kill you, but someone who’s lost the fear of God will lie to you. They’ll steal from you and they will kill you if they think they can get away with it. That’s why we have mass shootings, shootings. So many people say, what is the common denominator with these mass shootings across the country, school shootings? Well, the common denominator is people have lost the fear of God. They think they’re primates because they’ve been taught this in school. The average university student really believes he’s a talking primate. He wasn’t made in the image of God with a moral responsibility to stand before God on judgment day. So he thinks as a primate, it’s all about survival of the fittest. I’m fit. You’re not. You go. You are weak. And that’s the mentality of so many people and we see it in this whole transgender thing.

Mark Harrington (08:27):

Again, Ray comfort’s my guest. You can pick up the book by going to living That’s living And the title of the book is So Many Lions, so few Daniels Ray Comfort. Ray, I want to transition quickly. We were talking off before the program. You’re going to be leading a team to London, England to do some witnessing, some evangelism. Sounds like a good time. I love London. It’s a beautiful city. I’ve visited there many times, but I’ve never done evangelism there. Very strong Muslim presence in that country. Tell us what you’re up to.

Ray Comfort (09:09):

Yeah. About six months ago I began thinking about the coronation of King Charles and thought boy, during that service he’s going to reach out his hand, put it on a Bible in front of an audience of hundreds of millions around the world, and swear to uphold the biblical truth of salvation by grace through faith without works, he’s going to carry an orb, a globe with a cross on the top, which speaks as symbolically of the reign of Jesus Christ over the earth. He’s going to be given a number of swords, two of which are a sharp sword, the sword of justice, a Blum sword, the sword of mercy, which we see in the gospel. The sword of justice is the day of judgment when he looses the faithful lightning of his terrible swift swords. So there are actually about 10 things that he’s going to do that is symbolic of the gospel that we live for and preach.


And so I thought, boy, it’d be great to get a gospel track printed, something like that with the gospel on the back that we could give out to the millions of the lining of streets of London. This wouldn’t be an endorsement of Charles. He’s obviously an adulterer and he’s not godly, but like Paul in the book of Acts, I think Acts chapter 17 in Athens, he actually, when he spoke to his heroes, quoted Greek poets. This is Godless, probably fornicating, blasphemous, idolatrous Greek poets. What did he do that for? Well, he just wanted a bridge to reach his heroes. He knew they would listen if he quoted Greek poets and we know we’ve got the air of the ungodly when we give them something that looks like memorabilia, that looks like one of their 50 pound bills. So I made a video explaining all this to my team and just after I sent it to them, I got an email from a gentleman who said, what are you working on?


So I sent him the video and he sent the ministry $200,000, send the video to someone else. They sent $50,000, sent it to someone else. They sent a hundred thousand dollars. So we got 3 million tracks printed initially and told people we’re giving them away and we’ll pay for the shipping for the tracks. You don’t have to pay for them to Canada, United States, great Britain, Europe, Scotland, Ireland, Wales, Australia, New Zealand. We’ll pay for the shipping and the tracks are free. So many went out that we actually ended up printing 16 million and it’s now not. It’s 2000 people that are going to give out these tracks. It’s actually 19,000 people leading up the day before and the day of the coronation, they’re going to be giving out these tracks so people can get their free tracks with free shipping. You’ve got to be quick. There’s only a million left, you’ve got to just go to living And Mark, there’s never been an opportunity like this where the whole secular media are going to go alive and watch this church service. The world’s going to church, they’re going to hear about God and Jesus the Bible faith. And so this is an opportunity that’s unprecedented, and as I said, it’s not just millions, but hundreds of millions around the world are going to be tuning into this church service. So this is an opportunity we’ve never seen before in the history of the world.

Mark Harrington (12:22):

It sounds like it. What are the dates on that? Well,

Ray Comfort (12:25):

He’s being crowned on the 6th of May. So we’ve got a reception on London where I think about 2000 Christians from England are going to the reception or going to London plus 500 from the US are flying across to give out these tracks. And so we are super excited. You said I’m leading a team. I won’t be going, they’ll be sending a video of me over a live video, live streaming because at my age things aren’t that simple. My wife gets a little dizzy, nothing serious, but I don’t like to leave her alone for a week with a dumb dog because that’s what would happen.

Mark Harrington (13:01):

I understand. Well, if it weren’t for your inspiration or the Holy Spirit’s inspiration, this wouldn’t be happening. So I guess in that way you are leading it. But so friends, you can go to living to find out about the trip there to the United Kingdom.

Ray Comfort (13:19):

One other thing, we are live streaming the outreach through our studios in California so people can go to our YouTube channel that night. We’re getting up at 2:00 AM because the silly time difference, and we’re live streaming it for about three or four hours, maybe longer. And answers in Genesis are live streaming the same live stream on their channel at the same time. So the Christians around the world can contact us through the live chats and be praying for this outreach at the same time or life, which is wonderful.

Mark Harrington (13:52):

Alright, I want to finish up with this new video or movie that you’re putting out, which is called What is it? It got My Interest because we’re a pro-life organization, an activist organization. We traveled to college campuses and this movie that you’re putting out called, what is It? I watched the trailer. We’re going to play a little clip from it. But what I found very interesting is that you went out and it wasn’t you, but it was one of your colleagues went out with a clipboard asking if people would sign a petition supporting late term abortion, or maybe no, it was abortion after birth or after birth abortions or something of that nature. So go ahead and play this clips about 30 seconds. This is of the trailer on living called What is it? What is it? Go ahead and play the clip.

Trailer (14:42):

I’m going to see if students are willing to sign a petition to legalize post for abortion. Hey, chief, you want to sign a petition to legalize late term abortion? Oh, sure. It’s after the child’s actually been born within the first 30 days is the idea, is the concept. Okay, fair enough. But for the option, at the end of the day, it’s always going to be the woman’s choice. This isn’t politics, this is common sense. There are only four differences between the preborn and the newborn, and none of them define our value as human beings is getting an abortion the same as removing one’s fingernails or removing a lung. It’s a crime to kill an eagle’s egg. Yet if a woman decides to kill her own child, we call her brave. I’m rethinking my pro-choice thing. Kathy, would you kill it? Would I kill what? What would you kill it? Kill what? Kill it. Kill. What is it?


You should be able to have an abortion. We’re in America, right?

Mark Harrington (15:36):

Well, of course this comes on the heels of your very popular movie called 180 and all of my listeners and viewers would be familiar with that, where you go on to college campuses and you watch students change from being pro-abortion to pro-life right before their eyes. This is kind of a follow-up to that. I love the question, what is it? Because that really is the issue, is it not? If they’re human, they’re made in the image of God. That’s where we derive our value. And you also use the sled argument, which is the issue where he talks about the four differences between born children and unborn children are size, level of development, environment and dependency. Tell us a little bit more about this Ray and why you guys felt it was important to produce the movie.

Ray Comfort (16:29):

Well, to say we’re horrified by abortion is an understatement. It’s unbelievable to think that human beings would kill their own offspring. I mean, it’s horrific. It’s like living in Nazi Germany. So we want to do everything we can. Mark Spence is pregnant with this issue. The guy is absolutely brilliant. I love him. He’s traveled with me for many years and I’ve seen an incredible maturity in him spiritually. But he is totally gifted when it comes to the pro-life issue, just in answering questions and being quick. But what thrills me more than anything else about Mark is he’s got a grip on salt and light. We can look at the horror of abortion and go running into battle and saying, we’re going to outlaw this, and so we should, but if we don’t go with the light of the gospel, we’re going to leave the world in darkness.


And so it’s essential to have that balance like two wings of a plane because we don’t want to talk people out of abortion and see them go to hell. We want to talk people out of sin, see them saved and in the train of that they love life. They want to please God. So that’s what this movie is about. Very well produced. It’s fast moving and once you stop, I mean, once you start watching it, it’s a roller coaster of emotions. One minute you’ll be laughing. Yes. Minute you’ll be crying because it’s so moving, so fast moving and so moving emotionally. And they can see the

Mark Harrington (17:56):

Well, we are definitely kindred spirits in the approach that you can talk all you want about abortion, but if you don’t get to the heart of the issue, which is the relationship with Jesus Christ, we’re missing the mark. So we are definitely in mind with you on that. Ray, if you would wrap it up here. We’ve got this new book, so Many Lions. So Daniels, you’re going to London, you’ve got this pro-Life video, a movie coming out. If you would leave our listeners and viewers with some parting words and a call to action.

Ray Comfort (18:25):

Yeah, there’s a call to action that people can actually do. Often people say to me when they watch our YouTube channel, which has had 240 million views, which blows us away that we have such access into the world with the gospel. Go back 50, 60 years with the big Crusades that take two years to get together. It’s like herding cats to get churches to combine cost millions of dollars. And most of the people in there were churchgoers or Christians anyway. But here we have this thing where we push a button and we literally speak to millions. And often I’ll see in the YouTube comments, oh, I wish you could talk to my mother-in-Law. Well, I can just send out videos to him. It’s got share button. Click the share button. Don’t say Mother-in-Law, watch this. Say, mom, I’d like to know what you think of this. And saying that you’re not telling her what to do. You are asking for her opinion. You’re appealing to her ego, and she’s more likely to watch it. So if you on the gospel, preach to the ungodly, please use the share button on a YouTube channel totally free, and you can reach this world with a gospel in a wonderful way by just saying to people love to know what you think of this.

Mark Harrington (19:32):

Well, we love your work here. And I remember, I think it was maybe two decades ago, I first heard your talk on Hell’s Best Kept Secrets, which I think is one of the most powerful presentations of why the gospel is necessary and the law of God in combination to drive people to Jesus. So my guess has been Ray Comfort with Living Waters. You can go to living You can check out the trailer on his new movie. What is it? You can also pick up the book So Many Lines, so Few Daniels, and make sure you subscribe to YouTube channel and share the videos with those you are seeking to reach for Jesus Christ. Ray, thanks for being on the program.

Ray Comfort (20:16):

Thank you, mark. It’s been a joy.

Mark Harrington (20:18):

You’ve been listening to Radioactive here on the Mark Harrington show. God bless you. God bless America and remember America to bless God.

Outro (20:28):

You’ve been listening to Mark Harrington, your radio activist. For more information on how to make a difference for the cause of life, liberty and justice, go to created To follow mark, go to Mark Harrington Be sure to tune in next time for your marching orders in the Culture War.